We Had to Get This Pest out of Our Home Quickly

by Lessie Lopez .

I can’t say that I really knew much about bed bugs before I learned that we had them in our house. I thought we had a problem with fleas. I started treating my pets and home, and it wasn’t working. Then, I saw a news story about a Phoenix bed bug expert in Phoenix AZ who was being interviewed about many homes in the area being infested. I was horrified! I jumped online to learn more about them. I realized at that moment that our home did not have fleas at all. We had a much worse pest invade our home, and this particular pest is one that is hard to get rid of.

I’ve always been very clean. My husband can be a little on the sloppy side at times, but certainly not bad enough to ever cause any sort of health problems in our home. I have always made sure of this. Due to the fact that he is a little lazier than I am, and cleanliness is important to me, I simply take up the slack and pick up after him. It keeps both of us happy and we never fuss at one another about it. Our problem started when we took a vacation together. I wish that I knew what to look out for when we stayed in a cheap motel that was not very clean.

We decided to visit a casino in another state for about a week or so. Rather than stay there at the hotel that is part of the casino, we decided to stay at a cheap motel nearby. We figured we would be spending most of our time at the casino anyway, so it really did not matter if we stayed at an inexpensive place. It was not very nice at our motel, and we ended up bringing home bed bugs from that place. But the exterminator has rid them from our home now after a lot of work.