Spring is a Beautiful Time for Me

by Lessie Lopez .

Spring makes me feel so good. Even just the very beginning of its arrival lets me shake of the winter blues, which is something that I get every single year. I just like to be out in the sun, seeing all of the pretty colors in the flowers and trees. It also energizes me so I can get busy with my spring cleaning. I used to tackle this on my own, but I discovered that it is better to have someone else help me. I did a search for spring cleaning in Singapore, figuring I would be able to find someone who does this.

I was surprised to find a professional cleaning company that offers spring cleaning packages. They range from one cleaner coming out and working for four hours all the way up to three cleaners coming out and working for seven hours. I knew I definitely did not need the big package because my small apartment would be hard to hold four people busy working! Instead, I went with the first package, which allowed one cleaner to come out and help me for four hours. I was so excited to find this, and I immediately booked a time slot right on their website.

Everything was so easy to do, and I was able to secure a spot within just a few minutes. It was really nice that I could do all of that without even picking my phone up to place a phone call. When the cleaner showed on the day I booked, we had such great rapport. I was not really worried about having any awkwardness, but it was still nice to see that it was the complete opposite of that. I have a clean apartment now, and I plan on doing this every year from now on. It is a nice welcoming part of spring for me now.