Recruiting and Keeping Talent in Business for the Long Run

by Lessie Lopez .

National advertising for an executive position in a company did not work for us. It involved too much of our resources to pick from the candidates throwing their hats into the ring to bring them in for an interview. We decide to go with a Boston recruiter that was recommended to me by a friend of mine who also is involved in a startup in another field. We collaborate and share ideas across our two industries. Even though he sells a different service altogether, there are some things in business that stay the same across industries. Recruiting good talent is a problem across the board.

We did not just want someone who could do the job. There are a lot of people out there who could actually excel at doing the job. Rather, we wanted someone who could both bring excellence to the job but was also a great personality fit for our corporate culture. I have worked coming up through the ranks in other companies with executives who could do the work but were lousy personalities to work for. They were more of an impediment to the culture of growth than a help even though they knew how to perform the details of their jobs flawlessly.

It takes more than just technical expertise to have a successful company. The people running the companies are just that, they are people. If we were robots, then personalities of executive management would not matter. We were fostering a culture of retention in our company. We were not interested in training people to just move on to another corporate environment they would find more suitable later on. We truly wanted to hang onto people until they wanted to retire. We used the Boston recruiter to find talent that had that kind of mindset who also knew how to do their jobs perfectly.