I’m Not Embarrassed About My Smile Anymore

by Lessie Lopez .

It’s funny how most of the fears I had as a kid subsided slowly but surely over time as I became an adult. I used to be afraid of things that allegedly lived under my bed or in my dark closet as a child. After watching a monster movie once when I was seven, I was petrified that a monster would come eat me and my family. It is funny when I think about it. But some things persisted, such as my fear of going to get my teeth cleaned. But seeing the best dentist in Grand Rapids changed that for me.

Things changed for me when I smiled at my wife one night, and she said, “Ewww! Your teeth are so yellow!” I rushed to the mirror to see what she was talking about, and she was right. How had I not noticed this before? I also knew that if she noticed it, my clients would notice it, too. I could not have that happening. It is very important to look the best you can in the industry that I work in. I found myself wondering just how many of my clients had already noticed my teeth. I brushed and flossed every day, but apparently, that was not enough. I figured that it must be all the coffee that I drink causing the problem. But it was too late, I needed to get my smile looking good as soon as possible.

I was really impressed with the dentist that I chose to see. He is a top-notch guy, and he comes with a lot of very good recommendations from many people that I work with. He did an exam and cleaned my teeth. He pointed out that I have four cavities and that I needed to do something before I ended up in pain. He did the work, and once done, started me on two teeth whitening treatments. My mouth looks great again.