Coming Home Meant Coming Back to Luxury

by Lessie Lopez .

I went away for a very long time to another country where medical care is somewhat scarce. I was there as a volunteer and found myself not wanting to leave for about 15 years. I loved my time there, but as I grew older, I needed to go back home to where I would have better access to medical care as I aged. This is how I came to get dental implants in Singapore last year. In all the time that I had been away, I had not been getting any dental care done due to being dentists being so rare in remote jungle locations. I had a lot of work to be done when I got home again.

Most people in the jungle area where I volunteered for so long do not have the money to see a dentist. Most rarely see a doctor in general during their lifetime. The life expectancy rate there is not high. It’s about half the age that it is everywhere else. I’d like to think that the work that I did there helped to make things better, and I have been told many times that it is true that my help made a big difference. I loved it there, but I knew it was time for some of today’s young people to take over where I left off and to help the area thrive better. One step at a time is necessary and that has been what has worked so far there.

Getting back home to my family and friends was a blessing. My mom reminded me that I should see a doctor for a physical since I hadn’t had one in so long. Dad pointed out that I should see someone to get a good teeth cleaning done and see about getting dental implants. I had four teeth removed in the time that I was away. It has been nice to have the luxury to get medical treatment once again.