Camouflage Recoil and Weather Protection

by Lessie Lopez .

I have shot all kinds of guns. I have a few different rifles, shotguns, pistols and revolvers. I have a couple of high-power rifles in heavy calibers. They have a tremendous amount of recoil. I wear a shooting vest with a padded shoulder area even though the guns have great recoil pads. One problem I did not like was how the recoil felt on my cheek. I do not fit either gun perfectly, and they press and rub against my cheek on each round fired. It is a bit uncomfortable. I got a padded comb riser that slips over the stock of each gun. It adjusts my line of sight through the scope much better and gives me a solid cheek weld when holding the gun. No more smacks or rubs on my face. The padded riser absorbs all of the recoil energy.

I should have bought the comb riser years ago. I kind of stumbled across the company that makes them out of neoprene one day when I was browsing for rifle and shotgun accessories online. They make all kinds of neoprene products for long guns. I also bought a camo kit and scope cover from the same company. Everything fits my gun models perfectly. They make them out of neoprene that sheds water and is cushiony. The products really protect my guns and me. The slip-on camo kits are much better than any permanent finishes that can be applied. You can preserve the beauty of the wood and metal of your gun without having to go without field camo to help you on your hunting trips. I say they are hunting clothes for my guns. They are made well and fit well. They look good and do not get in the way of any functions on my guns either.