A Family That Talks Together Stays Together

by Lessie Lopez .

Divorce doesn’t have to be an ugly trial that stresses out the entire family. It often is, however, when one or both parties seek to vindicate slights they’ve felt have been made against them. I saw this first hand during my parents own divorce process. It was an ugly thing that colored my perception of how relationships work. Even after my father sought help from http://alpharettadivorcelawyer.com in order to put a end to the absurdity that was the stress hovering over our small family my mother sought to destabilize everything. I’ll never understand what was going on through her mind but neither do I know the intimate details of the reasoning behind the divorce; it’s not something I’ve sought to answer.

To me, this is a mistake. It’s something that a family should discuss as a family. A faily is a unit of individuals who are together all working toward a similar harmony and general happiness. Each individual might be seeking their own goals and their own dreams but as a whole, the family can work together to help each individual to fulfill those goals. Whether through thick or thin, trouble or drama, a family should come together and talk out any troubles that exist.

I think that communication is most likely the premier challenge for people to solve. It can be expose yourself to vulnerability when you open up with words. Words can be far too honest for most people and to express our fears and problems, our doubts and those things that effect our self-esteem can be some of the most difficult for us to tell others; even when their own family. Sometimes it’s especially difficult when they are our own family. Still, every family should make an attempt at talking out any problem before they grow so unwieldy that it drives people apart.