by Damian Birch .

Jaguar is known as the manufacturer of high-standard vehicles, which does not go on any compromises producing only high quality cars. That keeps the company on the cutting edge of the automobile market in a luxury class segment. Sporty models deserve a special attention as they combine not only comfort and style of its aristocratic cousins but also show nice performance levels. To enhance a little the perfection of the model line provides dozens of Jaguar dash kits. All our dash board kits meet the demands of premium quality standards defined by Jaguar, brining in the variety of dash board finishes. Dash trim kits are made of the best flexible, durable and scratch resistant components and materials, which will keep for long the fresh look as being just installed. Jaguar dash kit is the most suitable variant to change factory dashes, supplying with wide range of real exotic wood stains and hi-end carbon fiber dashes to transform your ride into something special. Jaguar dash kits are ready to take their places on board of your luxury vehicle, brining joy and happiness for the owner.