by Damian Birch .

Hummer is an example how the military purpose vehicle became a civil truck, introduced by famous athletes and other celebrities. It is a true fuel-sucking monster which favorably distinguishes by the ability to challenge the most severe terrains and get previously unreachable off-roads. Hummer became a synonym for “passability” boasting with huge 16-inch clearance and menacing departure/approach angles this monster can overcome really impossible obstacles. In spite of enormous capable on rough off-roads Hummer is not the vehicle you’d like to drive day by day as it maneuvering in city traffic and parking is a nightmare. Also, the cabin is luxurious as a ice-cream van low passenger’s space and comically small seats. That’s why it your duty to visit for Hummer dash kits which will fix the factory shortage in luxury and inside design. Dash trim kit manufactures worked incredibly hard to create dash board kits for your terrain monster. Using innovative materials and high quality components lead to a marvelous variety of Hummer dash kits. Transform your rider into a glamorous penthouse on wheels, decorated with stylish wood dashes or metal stained dash trim kits.