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We Had to Get This Pest out of Our Home Quickly

by Lessie Lopez .

I can’t say that I really knew much about bed bugs before I learned that we had them in our house. I thought we had a problem with fleas. I started treating my pets and home, and it wasn’t working. Then, I saw a news story about a Phoenix bed bug expert in Phoenix AZ who was being interviewed about many homes in the area being infested. I was horrified! I jumped online to learn more about them. I realized at that moment that our home did not have fleas at all. We had a much worse pest invade our home, and this particular pest is one that is hard to get rid of.

I’ve always been very clean. My husband can be a little on the sloppy side at times, but certainly not bad enough to ever cause any sort of health problems in our home. I have always made sure of this. Continue reading